About the festival

Save the dates! SapfoFest is back on 29th - 31st July 2022!

SapfoFest is already 10! From angry lesbians to a queer feminist festival, we’ve said over a hundred speeches, befriended more than a hundred girls, arm-wrestled hundreds of hands, and kissed probably a thousand times. We’ve traveled through Jonava, Molėtai and Anykščiai, bought sun-proof tents and even more comfortable picnic chairs. Do you remember the time when police arrived and the time we drank all the water from the well? Or swam with cows. Flooded with memories, we want even more! What do you remember? What are we going to take with us this year? Or maybe it’s an opportunity to finally come to the festival because you still haven’t dared? As always, we will be waiting for you at the end of July, only this time with a tent and a backpack, bring all the memories too. SapfoFest can already tell its story, and the best occasion is the 10th anniversary!

SapfoFest is a space where there is no fear or toxic masculinity. Respect, mutual trust and solidarity triumphs here. It’s the freedom to be(come) yourself and to find your community.

SapfoFest is an independent, non-commercial, community-initiated festival providing a much needed collaborative and grounding environment for building tents and queer-feminist community in Lithuania and beyond since 2014. Featuring critical reflection, debate and community self-care, SapfoFest seeks to mobilise and make visible queer-feminist lives in the pursuit of solidarity, emancipation and social change!

SapfoFest is FREE – there are no tickets or charges.

SapfoFest is ACCESSIBLE – we are trying as much as we can to create inclusive space for everybody. If you have individual needs or want to consult us regarding festival conditions, please get in touch.

SapfoFest is INDEPENDENT – fully sustained by the community without any help from institutions. Festival is based on do-it-together principles, so we all create it free of charge sustained only by free will.

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