S - stage // T - tent // M - movie space // F - field


... Arrivals

19:30 - 20:40 CARTOONS Sapfo Kids M

21:00 - 21:30 Speed-dating Sapfo Specials F

22:00 - 22:30 SapfoFest'2020 OPENING
Drag performance: KING A Sapfo Specials S

22:30 - 00:00 PETER UND JONAS Lithuanian-german duo Pata and Jones under the name of "Peter und Jonas" are two gender-queer friends. By experimenting with different media they try to find their own aesthetics and develop a queer-feminist critique on the patriarchal Art Szene.
They say "xoxo" to the hegemonial images of "professional" knowledge and skills. Nonsense and playfulness is very important to them.
The audiovisual coming-out in Sapfofest 2020 is their first live event together.
Sapfo Music S

23:00 - ... "DIRTY DIARIES" Dirty Diaries is a 2009 collection of thirteen short films of feminist pornography made by Swedish activists and artists and produced by Mia Engberg.
The individual films are highly diverse in content, although many of them feature humour and different forms of queer sex. The creative decisions were based on a manifesto with the aim to create pornography that is non-commercial and follows feminist ideals.
Sapfo Specials M

00:00 - ... QUEERANTINE On the opening night of the festival, a relatively newly gathered queer women DJ collective will debut with a programme QUEERANTINE.
We aim to empower and to support each other, to create togther and shake up a bit the DJ scene that is dominated by men, through music that has no limitations of genre.
It's a very anticipated meeting with all of you!
Sapfo Music S

DIY STAMP IT* Throughout Saturday Indre invites to decorate t-shirts, tote bags or any other piece of clothing with already made stencils or you can make your own graphic!
Bring piece of clothing or any material you would like to decorate and let's STAMP IT!
Sapfo Arts

1. Nerutina (rež. Jūratė Samulionytė)
2. Lietuvos istorijos repas (rež. Aistė Papartytė, Andrius Alčiauskas, Lukas Šidlauskas)
3. Kaukai (rež. Gediminas Šiaulys)
4. Paskutinė stotelė - mėnulis (rež. Birutė Sodeikaitė)
5. Gimimas (rež. Eglė Mameniškytė)
6. Virsmas (rež. Nathan Jurevicius)
7. Sausra (rež. Agnė Kupšytė)
8. Uodega (rež. Rasa Joni)
9. Nepriklausomybės diena (rež. Urtė Budinaitė – Oettinger)
10. Oo! (rež. Meinardas Valkevičius)
11. Mono No Aware (rež. Emilija Juzeliūnaitė)
12. Uroda (rež. Ugnė Žemaitytė)
13. Medžioklė (rež. Meinardas Valkevičius)
14. Pono Nakties laisvadienis (rež. Ignas Meilūnas)
15. Miškas (rež. Ignas Meilūnas)"

The programme peresented by Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin Goes Sapfo
Sapfo Kids

SAPFO SPORTS* We know how much you like sports and competitions. This year we will arrange a volleyball court.
You are welcome to register your team to take part in volleyball tournament 3 x 3. The team can consist of max. 4 persons.
To register PM to Gabrielė Garlaitė or email:, indicate your team's name and contact person. You can also register at the festival's info-point.
If you don't have a team but want to take part in the tournament, write to us and we will set you up with the team.
P.S. There is a lot of space for activities, so bring sports equipment (e.g. footballs, badminto, etc.).
Sapfo Action

* Activity will take place throughout the festival


10:00 - 10:45 Yoga with Laura and Kristina Sapfo Action S

10:00 - 11:20 CARTOONS Sapfo Kids M

11:00 - 12:00
"THE SHADES OF SOCFEMINISM" Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė ir Viktorija Kolbešnikova will talk about the importance and history of socialist feminism. Why do we need to talk about feminism in Eastern Europe not only in the context of March 8th. And why Lithuanian feminism history is not exclusive to inter-war period feminists. Sapfo Talks S

11:30 - 12:30
"STORIES FROM THE KINGS OF THE BALTICS" The King from Latvia Mischa Blaumann and the only King in Lithuania King A sharing their experience with entering the world of drag.
Latvian Drag King Collective
King A
Sapfo Workshops M

12:30 - 14:00 "FEMALE CITIZENS DURING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION: DEPICTION OF WOMEN BETWEEN MOTHERHOOD AND ALLEGORY" Gabrielė Petrovičiūtė - an art historian interested in gender and feminism. Gabriele invites you to examine a paradox of depiction of women in French art at the end of 18th century – the allegory of the Republic was embodied by a woman, while real women were denied any political presence. This exclusion was grounded in a belief that their (our) weaker bodies are destined for motherhood, and an assumption of a biological ineptitude to handle more complex intellectual matters. At that time, however, there were female painters who offered their own view on themselves. To get a wider scope of female depiction, various artwork (ranging from the court art to caricatures) is going to be used during the workshop. Sapfo Workshops M

12:30 - 14:00 "CREATIVE PROTESTING * CASE BELARUS" How do you speak your mind when you feel unsafe, hated, or silenced? How do you make yourself visible without becoming a target? How can you make a point if you have limited ability? How do you protest when you cannot protest? Inspired by peaceful and creative protesting in Belarus that is currently happening, we're bringing a workshop that will help you make your political point fun, aesthetic and satirical. It can spark intellectual discussion, broader involvement of the people and create a positive psychological environment.
Whichever movement you want to support – LGBT+ rights, democracy, sustainability movement, solidarity – join us in a creative process in coming up with ideas and implementing them.
Feel free to bring any objects that you can make into your own protest objects. It can be t-shirts, tote bags, flags – basically anything you can put paint on!
Sapfo Workshops S

12:30 - 14:00
"TAROT CARDS AS A TOOL FOR SELF-ANALYSIS" Led by: Gabrielė Garlaitė. It may sound like a cliche, but we cannot change behaviour of other people. However we can transform ourselves. The practice Gabriele uses in self-analysis involves Tarot cards. Come and experience the insights, learn new methods and look inside yourself. Sapfo Workshops T

14:00 - 15:00 LUNCH BREAK //
Acro-Yoga workshop with Indre Sapfo Workshops L

15:00 - 16:30
Lecture: "LESBIAN FEMINISM: HOW IT USED TO BE, AND NOW?" The emergence of lesbian feminism was rocky, full of struggles, reconciliations and divisions and, of course, radical ideas.
At the same time, it was a historically and geographically defined phenomenon: the essentials took place in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. The story of these ideas is interesting and we’ll find out by considering what’s left of it, what might have remained, where lesbian feminism is today, and how things fit in with queer, trans ir black.
Lecture by: Dovilė Jakniūnaitė.
Sapfo Talks S

15:00 - 16:30
WORKSHOP FOR KIDS This year children will have their own space at the SapfoFest.
Games, dots, lines, circles, chaos, colorful fingers and feet, laughter and smiles. Let emotions shine!
Led by Lina Januškevičiūtė
Sapfo Kids T

16:30 - 18:00
"BLACK ABOLITIONISM AND QUEER LIBERATION" The disastrous crisis of social services in the USA –– exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic –– set the stage for the abolitionist demands within the BLM movement.
Noah will talk about how the popularity of ideas about defunding police and prisons in the movement demonstrates a truly astonishing development in political vision. Importantly, black abolitionism can be and has been connected with the queer liberation movements. Noah will explore a publication by the American trans socialist Dean Spade, who has addressed how the criminal punishment system is anything but a site of potential protection for gender non-conforming people. Noah concludes that for queer and black abolitionists, wellbeing will not be accomplished through the expansion nor correction of the justice system, but through the revolutionary reorganization of the way a society produces and coordinates resources.

The talk will be followed with a commentary by Birute Sabat about how the issues raised in the American movement concern the Lithuanian situation.
Sapfo Workshops M

16:30 - 18:00
MOVEMENT THEATRE "Catch the Grain" workshop will teach you how to create build and embody a character. Everyone can work on any character- your dog, your grandma, King Ludwig XIV. Let’s improvise and find a persona to build and impersonate- useful artistic and life skills! It will be fun engaging and creative.
Led by director: Sandra Latanauskaitė
Sapfo Arts S

18:00 - 19:30
Discussion: "PANDEMIC BACKSLIDING AND LGBT+ RIGHTS" Coming soon ... Sapfo Talks S


19:30 - 20:00 BREAK // DINNER

20:00 - 21:00
Interactive workshop: "EXPERIENCES OF QUARANTEEN" Experiences of quarenteen is an interactive workshop where we will try take a more personal look into how we as members of LGBTQI* community have managed to live through the first wave of quarantine (both physically and emotionally). What were the needs that came up and how were they met, if they were met at all? What initiatives spurred out of it and are there any ways to self-organise or approaches to adopt in the coming waves so we could better take care of each other?
We will try to archive the gathered information in a collaborative way and release it to the outer world after the festival.

The workshop will be held both in Lithuanian and English.
Sapfo Workshops P

21:00 - 21:30
A reflective performance "HE:SHE:ME" A reflective performance that raises personal and collective fears, questions, awkwardness and the needlessness of HIM, HER and ME.
It’s an intimate monologue emphasizing the pointlessness of categorising and separation of the sexes which brings inner conflict and confusion. Do I feel feminine? Or masculine? Or neither? Perhaps the best action is to be present right here and now, to be myself?
Sapfo Arts S

21:30 - 22:30
CAPTAIN FANTASY Beautiful Captain Fantasy is going to get you out into the dancefloor on Saturday playing her feminist hip hop beats and trap music interlaced with romanticism. Dance the heartbreak away! Sapfo Music S

22:30 - 23:00
LIVE: MANACLES Fast hardcore punk band from Vilnius that oscillates between dark D-beats about the World End and heart-warming/nostalgic 90’s punk rock about friendship and community.
Manacles despise traps of hierarchical structures that confine social group liberty, autonomous communities, collectives and individual choices to live without “normal” society’s constructs.
It’s better to burn in your own flame than to drown in someone else’s mud.
Sapfo Music S

23:00 - ... "DIRTY DIARIES" Dirty Diaries is a 2009 collection of thirteen short films of feminist pornography made by Swedish activists and artists and produced by Mia Engberg.
The individual films are highly diverse in content, although many of them feature humour and different forms of queer sex. The creative decisions were based on a manifesto with the aim to create pornography that is non-commercial and follows feminist ideals.
Sapfo Specials M

23:00 - ... SAPFO DISCO Sapfo Music S
Davai zamutim bit!

GIGSTA «I dance, it’s what I do.»
Gigsta gets as much joy dancing to music as she does reflecting on it - either as an academic researcher, DJ, producer, promoter, radio host and zine maker. Her DJ-sets range widely: from the very slow to the very fast, the old to the brand new, the silly to the ultra-serious and often incorporating her own collages.
Gigsta’s show on Cashmere Radio, Fictions, gives you a feel for the breadth of her enthusiasm (recent themed shows have covered bass music books, free music, laughter, the cosmos, and Anne Garreta’s experimental novelSphinx).
Currently based in Berlin, but born in Belgium and grown up in France, she has joined the queer femme and non-binary forward collective Room 4 Resistance as a resident and has been promoting her own Fictions parties across town.



"IN SEARCH OF COMRADERSHIP: WORKERS RIGHTS AND INTERSECTIONAL ORGANIZING" Can trade unions successfully organize for LGBTQ + rights? During the workshop, we will present organizational methods in the workplace and beyond. We will talk about the meaning of the idea of ​​intersectional solidarity, how everyday organization can enable us to fight discrimination.
In the second part of the workshop, we will invite you to discuss the problems encountered at work and talk about how they can be solved.
The presentation will be led by a trio from May 1st Labor Union(G1PS): Vuk, Aei and Jurgis
Sapfo Workshops M

12:30 - 13:30 "FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE" Sapfo Talks S

12:30 - 14:10 CARTOONS Sapfo Kids M

15:00 Cleaning and packing Sapfo Action