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... Arriving

19:00 - 20:30 SAPFO SPEED-DATING Sapfo Specials P

20:30 - 22:00OPENING: SapfoFest 2022 – 10 years: our herstory!
A conversation about Sapfo history, present, and future From angry lesbians to a queer feminist festival, we’ve said over a hundred speeches, befriended more than a hundred girls, arm-wrestled hundreds of hands, and kissed probably a thousand times. It's time to remember everything! During the opening on Friday, we will reminisce about our history, the most memorable moments, we’ll talk about the past, the present, and the future. How did it all begin? What have we done in ten years, how have we changed? What does SapfoFest mean to us and what do we want it to be?

PiLeFe and SapfoFest organizers of different generations will help you remember:
Agnė Jokšė
Birutė Sabatauskaitė
Syga Mykolaitytė
Viktorija Kolbešnikova
Asta Volungė

Talking and asking: Indrė ir Vika
Sapfo Specials B

22:00 - 22:45 Apeironas theatre ritualistic performance
EDGES "I no longer speak in words - I speak in a blades. My embrace is two cutters. My lullaby is sharpened blades. To fall asleep, I press my eyes with knives. I lit candles on the blade tonight and spelled a future for you - your children and the children of your children will never stop playing with knives and fire. Ritual action called "Edges" will appear in the ruins of dismantled churches."

Inspired by Birutė Pūkeliavičiūtė's poetry collection "Metūgės"
Sapfo Arts S

23:00 - 05:00 SAPFO DISCO
Sapfo Music B

INSTALATION: Kontaktas 2.0* Kontaktas 2.0 is a guide to sensual touch practice. This sensory installation invites the visitor to explore contexts of sex, get to know your partner's and your own whole body (not only few socially acceptable erogenic spots).
Paulina Bradūnaitė in her Master's explores the meaning of sex and nowadays sexual practices. What is sex? Is it really about penetration and genital touch? What is the difference between sex and intercourse? How would our sexual discourse look like if we would eliminate the importance of visuals and performance?
Music made by Ellie Vilkelytė: "Music is composed using standard electronic sounds and open to public sounds in Bijoux Indescrets Orgasm Sound Library. Electronic sounds are synthesized with live recordings. The tempo is selected so it would match the heart beat of an aroused human being."
Sapfo Arts

INSTALATION: Sapfo timeline and stories* more coming soon ... Sapfo Specials


When I was younger, my fate was decided by my parents, so I found myself in the ranks of the hospital forces and worked in the field of medicine, instead of the dreamed study and creation of the arts. As the years went by, I could only find the comfort of not going my own way by taking a brush in my hands. And suddenly corona happens, when the whole world is grieving for the pandemic, my life begins anew. I find the courage and strength to stand up to my family and a year of medicine overboard, I set up a gallery of paintings led by inner force in the course of the day and finally begin to breathe art. The main theme of my paintings is the liberation and transformation of a woman, how a woman can blossom when she is free, independent and self loving.. All paintings are painted with acrylic on canvas with a subframe and are varnished to ensure durability.
Sapfo Arts

SAPFOFEST FOR KIDS* SapfoFest strives to provide a welcoming place for children and space for families to experience the festival together. We have put together a series of events over the weekend.

You can look forward to a permanent children’s area with games, art and crafts where you can hang out.
,br>Our program will also include SapfoFest a treasure hunt (Saturday 14:00-15:00) and bedtime story reading (Saturday 18:00) for our little campers.
All are welcome!
Sapfo Kids

TAROT READINGS WITH (VI) THE LOVERS** We are J&J, aka The Lovers. The Lovers, sixth card in the major arcana, is about life's crossroads, important life changes and duality. Our practices are anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, queer, strictly non-catholic and against cultural appropriation. We want to offer the community to reflect, find meaning, let go of the past and picture a new perspective.

Communication in Lithuanian, English and Russian, one session - a minimum of ten minutes of personal time, with a possibility to also purchase a personalized one-of-a-kind lucky gemstone bracelet.

Sapfo Specials

TATTOO*** Capture Sapfo moments with specially designed tattoo sketches for the festival. There is no registration, live queue only. The cost of tattoo will cover tools and donation for festival.

Stylistics of the works done, can be seen in instagram. _urna_
Sapfo Specials

* Will be happening throughout the festival
** Friday: 21:00-22:30. Saturday: 18:30-20:00
*** Saturday: 10:00-20:00


09:00 - ... BREAKFAST Kitchen

10:00 - 11:00
Movement workshop: SHAKE IT OFF, LET IT FLOW, GET IN TOUCH Led by: Greta Kšvickaitė

Let's start the day together with fun, awakening, smoothing movement with drum rythms+ dance elements. We transition from "shaking it off" to flow/gaga to body work in couples or alone. It's all about empowerment, fun and joy, while exploring your own body, your creativity and strengthening your intuition. Melting into the flow of sound, bringing awareness to your surrounding and getting in contact with another person, if that's the consent. Shaking of own boundaries of body shape, gender and old movement/sport class traumas of your school at the age of 14, which maybe still stick on you unconsciously. Language: English, body language. (You don't need to understand English well, since it's a lot about the body and your intuition.)

My background:
I'm passionate about music, dance, language and psychology and very interested in the link between body work in which way ever, it's healing potential on mind&soul and vice verca. How can we use our body to feel alive, connected, centered? Given workshops in movement, sports, body work, massage..
Sapfo Action S

10:00 - 11:00
Analogue photography workshop: how to manually expose using film camera Led by: Janina Sabaliauskaitė and Rūta Grumadaite

For this workshop we invite you to bring your film camera (either 35mm or 120mm). We will share books, our knowledge and personal experience in analogue photography, building darkrooms and filmmaking. Rūta will do a presentation on the history of photography and Janina will show how camera functions work with aim for you to both learn or gain more knowledge and confidence on manually exposing film.

The workshop is aimed at LGBT+ community to mainly inspire documentation & self-representation, foster creativity and empower to work with film.
Maybe you fancy photographing during Sapfo Queer Feminist festival or start working on the personal series? Maybe self-portraits or shooting a protest or a night life – we hope to equip you with confidence and passion for film.

In Autumn, we will meet again to learn film processing and printing in the Darkroom. More information regards the date and costs coming soon.

Please bring:
Film camera (35mm / 120 mm) B&W film (Ilford HP5, ISO 400) Spare battery if possible Flash (not mandatory) Tripods (not mandatory)

P.S. If you do not have a 35 mm or 120 mm film camera, write to us, we will find a solution.
Sapfo Workshops K

11:00 - 12:30 DODGEBALL: 1st round
Sapfo Action P

11:00 - 12:30
Discussion/Workshop: SEX-TALK Discussion between sexologist Laura Butvilaitė, sexual educator Lina Januškevičiūtė, and designer working with sex technologies Paulina Bradūnaitė.

Why is it important to talk about sex? How do we understand sex today? How is the definition changing? What should our sex ed be today? Diversity in our sexual world.
Sapfo Talks S

12:30 - 14:00
Discussion/Workshop: "Bodily autonomy for all: how to build trans-feminist solidarity" Led by: Aei / Trans Autonomija

Our bodies belong to us and we can make our own decisions about them. No one else — neither the state, nor the doctor, nor the member of the Parliament, the father, the priest, or the President — knows better than we do and can decide what to do with our bodies.
But the attacks on our rights to bodily autonomy are recurring both abroad and in Lithuania.
In a patriarchal, cis-heteronormative system the bodies of women, trans and non-binary people are transformed into political battlefields. Bans or restrictions are being placed on abortion, gender-affirming care and medical transition for trans people, reproductive rights are restricted, and the ability of women, trans and nonbinary persons to make independent decisions about their own bodies and health is questioned. Our struggles are inseparable, but more often we hear not about trans-feminist solidarity, but about pitting the rights of trans people against the rights of women, which only serves to further our oppression and maintain the status quo, which restricts our rights.

Members of Trans Autonomija, the association for trans human rights and mutual support, invite you to discuss the struggles for (and against) bodily autonomy, and at the same time look for ways to build trans-feminist solidarity and fight for the right of all of us to bodily autonomy.
Sapfo Talks S

12:30 - 14:00 Jab jab - intro to Muay Thai Led by: Inga Kreivėnaitė

Muay Thai (or Thai boxing) is a centuries-old branch of martial arts in which lies strength, balance, self-confidence, respect for the opponent and the fight. This sport differs from regular boxing as the punches are performed not only with hands, but also with legs, elbows and knees. As a result, Muay Thai is sometimes called the eight-limb martial art. Practicing this martial art improves one’s general physical condition, develops speed, reaction, and endurance. And most importantly, not only physical, but also emotional qualities are developed. In the last five years, there has been an increased interest by women in both Muay Thai and boxing in general, which contributes to the destruction of the stereotype of a powerless woman.
Sapfo Action P

12:30 - 14:00 “I rage therefore I am”: The Meaning of Anger in the Lives of LGBTQ+ People and Communities Led by: dr. Juliana Lozovska, psychologist-psychotherapist, head of division for LGBTQIA+ psychology in Lithuanian psychological association.

Anger is an inevitable emotion in all people's lives. Anger can be triggered by a variety of situations, such as violations of boundaries, insecurity, disrespect, facing injustice, or frustrated needs. Experience and expression of anger depend on individual characteristics, cultural, historical, and situational circumstances. The experience of anger is also affected by power relationships and power dynamics between people, and whether there is a possibility of changing the situation. The LGBTQ+ community in Lithuania and around the world really have a lot to be angry about.
During the workshop we will explore how we, as LGBTQ+ people, experience anger, what situations provoke this emotion, how we express anger in everyday situations, what role has anger played in the LGBTQ rights‘ movement. As Audre Lorde, a writer and feminist activist, once said, "well-directed anger can become a powerful source of energy for progress and change." We will explore how we use or can use anger potential in reality.
Sapfo Workshops K

14:00 - 15:00 +++ LUNCH BREAK +++

SAPFO FOR KIDS: Treasure hunt Sapfo Kids P

15:00 - 16:30
Workshop: DRAG KING part I (personality building) [registration required] Led by: Emmanuele Lampa and Bill Lagoon

Emmanuele Lampa and Bill Lagoon are two Drag Kings from Latvia. Drag has become a means for our self-exploration, a sand-box for gender expression, breaking the boundaries of the binary. A little bit of make-up and personal character-building can help to find out more about the people we might want to be, or the characters we just want to try out.

The workshop will be held in English.

Limited places available, please register here:
Sapfo Workshops S

15:00 - 16:30
Workhsop: Self-defence for women Led by: Ieva Ruzgytė.

Self-defence – the use of force to protect yourself against someone who is attacking you. During this session we will discuss possible action plans and techniques which could help and empower to move, even though our brains would refuse to cooperate. My name is Ieva, I am self-defence courses for women instructor who will be taking you on this exciting self-defence one-hour journey. If you have any questions – feel free to contact me via email:

What should you bring with you? Comfy clothes, good mood and water.
Sapfo Action P

15:00 - 16:30
Lecture and conversation: "Unnamed identities: what do we know about women's (homo)sexuality in Soviet Lithuania?" Lecture and conversation with Rasa Navickaitė and Dovilė Jakniūnaitė

What was the life of women who love women in Soviet Lithuania?
How did they perceive themselves and how should we see this period from the contemporary perspective?
Can we create a community among women of different generations, find a common language?
The first part of this event, a lecture by the historian and a gender studies researcher Rasa Navickaitė will introduce the main issues which arise when we investigate women’s sexuality in the past. We will talk about different identities and the appropriate terminology, about the challenges in the archives and oral history interviews, about the complexity of writing a history of feelings, emotions, and private life.
In the second part of the event, a conversation led by the professor of international relations and political science Dovilė Jakniūnaitė, we will talk with the members of the community and researchers, and ask: what is our relationship to the past? What did it mean to be a non-heterosexual woman in Lithuania historically and now?
Sapfo Talks K

15:00 - 16:30
Workshop/Discussion: "Imagining Gender" Led by: Evy

By using creativity as self-expression I would like to invite everyone to express how they visualize (their) gender. It's also an opportunity to connect to self and others in a safe space.

For whom: Anyone interested in self reflection on gender.

Evelina Kvartunaite is education designer and facilitator with almost 20 years of international experience. Based in Amsterdam. She also is founder of Word Up - NGO promoting social inclusion and diversity through spoken word poetry and creativity, a podcast co-host, photographer and creativity enthusiast.
Sapfo Workshops BP

16:30 - 18:00
Workshop: "ODE and MANIFESTO" Led by: Asta Volungė

Creative writing workshop where we write only about what is important - what scares the butterflies in the stomach, squeezes a lump of hatred in the throat, what moistens the eyes with tears or pussy with lust. The ode and manifesto formats will leave no room for tepid feelings and questions born of boredom.

After the workshop, the participants will be invited to read the created odes and manifestos in Sapfo readings.
Sapfo Workshops K

16:30 - 18:00 DODGEBALL: 2nd round
Sapfo Action P

16:30 - 18:00
Workshop: DRAG KING part II (make-up) [registration required] Led by: Emmanuele Lampa and Bill Lagoon

Emmanuele Lampa and Bill Lagoon are two Drag Kings from Latvia. Drag has become a means for our self-exploration, a sand-box for gender expression, breaking the boundaries of the binary. A little bit of make-up and personal character-building can help to find out more about the people we might want to be, or the characters we just want to try out.

The workshop will be held in English.

Limited places available, please register here:
Sapfo Workshops BP

16:30 - 18:00
Discussion/Workshop: "I finished my shampoo and conditioner at the same time" Led by: Aušra Naujokaitė-Dobravolskienė

Workshop will be conducted in Lithuanian
Sapfo Dirbtuvės S

18:00 - 20:00
SAPFO QUIZ (registration required) This quiz night will invite participants to remember the lesbianic history of Lithuania and the whole wide world.
Finally you will be rewarded for all the long nights spent googling gossip about famous lesbian couples, researched if „she is one of us“, and watching long boring movies just for that one kiss at the end!
Finally you can demonstrate that you haven’t missed a single SapfoFest (or have you?..) and you remember who when where with whom and why… Long live random lesbian facts, long live some serious information about the coolest Lithuanian and global women, long live queer history!

Those wishing to participate should register their teams of max. 5 people beforehand (on the day of the event) and come up with a name for the team!

The questions will be in Lithuanian and English.

Register on the spot or email your teams name to el.paštu
Sapfo Specials S

20:00 - 21:30
LEGENDARY ARM-WRESTLING TOURNAMENT (registration on spot) For love and friendship. Registration on the spot. Sapfo Action P

21:30 - 22:00
PERFORMANCE: Energeia Adapted by: Julija Baublinskaitė
Composed by: Karolis Dabulskis

"Grief is black it is made of earth
It gets into the cracks in the eyes
It lodges its lump in the throat'

Fragments from Alice Oswald's "Memorial", sieved through a queer feminist perspective, will be read and accompanied by music during the performance. It's a sapphic glimpse into torment, war and death, so often – too often – recounted only of and by men.

Text will be read in English.
Sapfo Arts B

22:00 - 23:30
SAPFO READINGS Led by: Greta Štiormer ir Danielė Liepa Bodrije

That feeling you can't express with a kiss, you seem to get out of your skin and then dive your tongue into her mouth, under her skin and caress her even closer.
That memory you don't tell anyone - when a passing cloud reminds you of the sky at the very moment when she swiped a fat cherry across your lips, the juice dripping down your chin as she smiled at you.
That tightness in your chest when you realise that she will never lick the cherry juice off your lips again.
The despair when the butterflies in your stomach seem to have mutated from the pain and injustice, and have grown claws to tear at your insides, squeeze your organs and steal your air.
Those feelings that have no place in your everyday life, that you don't tell your mother, or maybe even your girlfriend, those thoughts that you chase with guilty indulgence, those experiences that only your community will understand.

There will be room in Sapfo readings for the illicit, the secret, the liminal, the sensitive and euphoric feelings, the propaganda and the fantasies that you wouldn't tell a straight girlfriend. Whether you've already written a book about it or it's just a note on your phone. If you haven't written anything yet, join the Skin and Manifesto Workshop and give voice to your thoughts.
Your words will be held by the hand and stroked by the hosts Danielle Liepa and Greta Stiormer.

Sapfo readings have no rules: you can read poetry, prose or other formats, perform alone or in a group.

Register in advance ( or on teh spot.
Sapfo Arts B

23:30 - 00:00
Dance performance: Vonia By: Julija Strupaitė

Only in the bathroom, red from the steam, you sing with a full throat.
Only in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, you frowning at my forms.
Only in the bathroom, you pop pimples with a furious face.
Only in the bathroom, you allow yourself to look at your wrinkled fingers for half an hour.
Sapfo Menai S

00:00 - 04:00
MOVIES Queer shorts Sapfo Specials S

23:30 - till the end SAPFO DISCO

Intymi Revoliucija
Baltic Drag Kings
Eiedma (Live)
Querelle x whoareyou
Sapfo Music B


10:30 - 12:00
BRUNCH Kitchen

10:30 - 12:00

Join us for a session where international humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) will facilitate a discussion about the suffering of LGBTQAI+ asylum seekers in Lithuania, as well share some of the resources they can offer the wider LGBTQAI+ community in Lithuania. Together we will brainstorm ways that we can all contribute to offering protection and support to these people, as well as how MSF can best support and serve the Lithuanian LGBTQAI+ community.

The discussion will be held in English.
Sapfo Workshops S

12:00 - 13:30
SAPFO MEMORIES CHEST This year Sapfo is 10! We have no doubt that throughout the years you have collected many fond memories of deep conversations, awkward kisses, victories and defeats at the arm-wrestling and other competitions, sparks of new love, unexpected curiosities, interesting lectures, starry skies, and many more.
This is the time to spill the tea! We'll read the best and the most positive memories together at the festival, swimming in nostalgia.
Share anonymously or not 😉 : here
Sapfo Specials S

14:00 - 15:00 Closing: evaluation and teary good-byes Sapfo Specials S