How to get there?
By car

Anyksciai county, Lithuania.

To find festival location coordinates, enter phrase „saugus atstumas“ in google maps/waze.

Public transport

Bus: Vilnius - Kavarskas
Bus: Kaunas - Kavarskas
The distance from bus stop to the festival venue is aproxm. 10km. We will be arranging pick ups from Kavarskas. If you require transportation, please get in touch with us via FB message or email:

Are you planning to take a bus to SapfoFest? We can give you a lift from Kavarskas!
Please fill this form so that we know when and where to pick you up.
We advise you to buy the bus tickets in advance 🙂

ARRIVALS (friday / saturday):

Vilnius-Kavarskas 09:00 – 11:09
Vilnius-Kavarskas 12:00-13:54
Vilnius-Kavarskas 14:00-15:42
Vilnius-Kavarskas 15:50 – 18:24 (last bus).
Kaunas-Kavarskas 08:00-09:54
Kaunas-Kavarskas 09:15-11:09
Kaunas-Kavarskas 12:00-13:54
Kaunas-Kavarskas 13:00-15:42
Kaunas-Kavarskas 16:30 – 18:24 (last bus)

The lift to a bus top in Kavarskas organized for following times
Kavarskas-Vilnius 17:43 - 19:15
Kavarskas-Kaunas 17:16 - 19:20
In a case for travel on alternative times please contact organizers on the spot.

About the venue

Festival will be taking place in a small private estate.
Nothing fancy, but we will have outdoor showers (one shower made accessible), toilets (one toilet accessible) and sinks installed. Drinking water will be available from the well.
Throughout the festival we will have free WI-FI access and phone charging spot.
There will be paper, plastic, glass and organic waste recycling installed. We also urge everyone to bring reusable dishes and utensils.
Parking is allowed in designated areas only.

Other practical information

SapfoFest is a camping Festival, thus, everyone is invited to camp in the festival territory and bring their own tents.
Unfortunately it's not possible to arrange any other type of accommodation. If you don’t have your own tent, or you can host other people in yours, please share a post on our Facebook page.

Food and Drinks

There will be possibility to buy vegeterian/vegan food.
We will also have coffee, tea and special festival bar will be open.
(Bring cash!)


We love and welcome our four-legged friends at the festival, but please make sure they are friendly to others.


No special sport courts are yet installed. However there are plenty of space around the festival area for sport activities, bring badminton, volleyballs, etc.

How much does it cost?

Wishing to keep ‘SapfoFest’ inclusive we do not have ticket fees. However all participants and everyone else who can contribute are encouraged to do so at the festival.
If you can't make it to the festival, but wish to support SapfoFest, get in touch with us:

How can I contribute?

In the spirit of do-it-together, all contributions are welcome to make this weekend together fun, safe and comfortable.
If you have some time to spare before or during the weekend, we are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Transportation. If you have extra seat(s) in your care drop us a line or share a post on our facebook page
  • Keeping the site clean and nature friendly
  • Taking photos


Depending solely on individual contributions, SapfoFest team invites everyone to contribute within financial means towards the costs of the festival in person at the festival site.
If you can't make it to the festival, but wish to support SapfoFest, get in touch with us: or support the festival directly here.