Community guidelines

center queer femmes/womxn of colour

keep this a safer space. if someone is being violent in any way, they will be asked to leave. this is a space for vulnerability and pleasure, it is not to be exploited. not all womxn are femmes, not all femmes are womxn.

no toxic masculinity

if you are a man, step back. make space. masculinity comes in many different forms. do not seek to own/control/violate/take from others to make yourself feel important.

this is a space of enthusiastic consent

if someone is not OPENLY excited to be interacting with/talking with you (this includes ANY form of touch), know they do not want to. DO NOT try to make anyone touch you (or be touched by you), speak to you or respond to you.

be open to being checked

be open to new language, make space for the potential for you to be wrong. we all make mistakes, but we have to practice owning and learning from them.

make space

reflect upon your own position, and the space you’re taking. consider checking in with other people in the similar positions, if you see them enact in fuckery.

be financially honest

we are sharing space with people from all kinds of different economic backgrounds and histories. be honest about what you can give so that everyone can have access.

no racism, no sexism, no ableism, no classism, no transphobia, no femmephobia, no xenophobia, no fatphobia

this is a productive space for us to feel unpoliced and loved. at non-separatist events, the work is put on non-qtibipoc folks to learn how to hold space with us. we remind each other and ourselves that queerness is not about capitalist ideas of progression and achievement.

be open to restorative justice

we believe in calling-in and accountability.

These community guidelines were inspired by the yellow jackets collective in New York city and the Bibimbatty collective and other local communities in Copenhagen.